Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Camping Time

In just a couple hours I will once again be in the periodontist's chair. I will be getting the multitude of stitches taken out of my gums. Hopefully, after two weeks, I will be able to brush my teeth. I think there is fur growing on them. What a pain.

Tomorrow is the first of four days and nights that I will be attending the Sarasota Modern Quilt Guild retreat.


There are a few items that are making up the monstrous pile of stuff that I am taking.   Besides a quilt (for nighttime) a pillow for my back when sitting in a five dollar chair for 12 straight hours and a butt cushion to add some height to my stubby body so that I can reach the table, I have so far three bins of projects, a light, my 'kit' of implements and that will be just the grain of sand that will make the beach that will be traveling with me.

I have borrowed this wagon from my BFF Kathy to transport the stuff I am taking from car to

workroom/bedroom.  I think three or so sewing machines will be in the car to be at my disposal in case I need to change up what I am working with.  I guarantee that all 40 some participants that are doing the retreat with me will be having the same issues.  But then, that's a good thing.  It's kinda like being a kid and going to camp; with liquor.


Gayle from MI said...

I have noticed people bringing thos wagons to classes lately. I am investing in one this year. They are pretty handy!

Nancy Bailey said...

A nice chardonnay will get you through! Nancy

Robbie said...

Let's make that two Chardonnay's!