Friday, April 29, 2016

Cutting Up

When we went to a shop hop a month or so ago, I purchased this pattern to make a shabby chic

pillow and or a rug.  We (some of us girls) have tried to pick out a time to make it and so finally, on
Wednesday we started the procedure.

I decided to make the rug and Janie and Kathy decided on a pillow.  The directions suggested using this plastic Shape cut tool by June Tailor that has slits every 1/2" for the rotary cutter.  We all tried it and it was not in the least successful.  Someone out there is getting a kickback for the multiple times this gadget is mentioned in the directions.  We opted for using a nice pair of scissors.

The cutting went fast.  I did my 87 strips over two nights of tv watching.  The blister I got on the first night told me to bust it and continue the next night.  It worked out very well.

I started out clipping four double folded fabric and cutting those (hence the blister) so I finished up last night doing only multiples of three.  It was much easier.

I chose a rug to do so my base is canvas (duck cloth)

and here are a few rows that I completed.  Janie and Kathy are doing pillows so their base is fabric, and much easier to manipulate.  It's just like me to make it as difficult as possible.  We are getting together this afternoon to continue making our shabby chic pillows and rugs.

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Robbie said...

Cute...look forward to the finished product. I need to get out more! I miss seeing stuff like this!