Sunday, April 03, 2016


We have a lovely week coming up. It will be in the seventies and that is what I love. The Modern Quilt Guild retreat is this Thursday through Sunday and my brain is wrapping around what I need to bring to work on. I am sure that I will take way too much stuff but I would rather be safe than sorry. If I had to I could run home. The problem with that is that Bella will be at the house with a sitter and I don't want to come and go and get her all upset. G will be in Chicago at the White Sox opener so he's no help.

I noticed that yet another of my old orchids is blooming.

And another one has buds that appear to be opening soon. Also my

Amaryllis from two years ago is again blooming. I was always gonna stick it in the ground but never got around to it. My plant history is such that if I just leave it alone, it will turn out better than giving it tender loving care! So much for that!

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SpikeMuffin said...

White Sox open here in Oakland today. Welcome back MLB!