Sunday, April 17, 2016


I was in charge of getting the new Mahjong cards for 2016 and I failed miserably. I completely dropped the ball. So, after Modern Guild yesterday I piled G and Bella in the car and headed to a Hallmark store that supplied Mahjong cards for a mere $9 and tax. This store was very odd because along with the bric a brace normal to a Hallmark store, it also sold clothing and accessories for women. Wow, it was weird. And, of course, there were three employees hovering so I couldn't take a picture of the anomaly.

We decided to take Bella out to dinner, which is one of her favorite things to do.  Our town is very dog friendly.

G had a mountain of fish and chips and didn't finish the fish but we managed to finish up the fries.

I ordered the swordfish with crab on top and ribbons of veg underneath.  The vegetables were divine and I will let you know about the fish when I have it for lunch today.

The orchid went uneaten.

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Robbie said...

I enjoyed when my sister and I took both our dogs to St. Pete's and ate outside with them! I don't know of many in Michigan that I can do that! Except for our Panera's...