Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Monday Monday

This is a scene at river quilters that I attended yesterday.


We meet in a lovely massive clean and bright room in a neighborhood. They have a full kitchen and all the electricity we can handle for lights, irons and sewing machines. The group has dwindled due to it being the end of season in Florida.  Everyone brings their own lunch but each month we meet, someone of us is responsible for bringing 'snacks' which usually consist of a veg tray from the grocery store, some candy and or cookies and maybe a cut up fruit of some sort.  It's a great group.


G yells up the studio stairs for me to look out to the right in the back yard to see a deer in the shade of some trees.  A couple minutes later he yells up that the deer is at the water line drinking water.  That is the last heads up I get up from my work to acknowledge.  He has a  massive window in his man cave that he can see out without as much as moving his body in the recliner.  What a life!

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