Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Music and Golf

We had a very busy day yesterday. We got up and walked, then lifted weights, then were off to a Welcome Club sponsored outing to see a band, Robin and the Retros.  This all took at

Snook Haven, an outdoor facility with good food and lots of seating.


There was a lot of random dancing so I didn't get a good picture of the band with out having to move my butt off the chair so this is as good as I got.  I didn't even know there were six people on the stage because my view wasn't good enough.

We had a lovely time with friends and food and fun.  But we had to get going because we had an afternoon golf date with another couple.

Here you have proof that my legs were on the cart.

I love playing with the touch screen on the golf cart.  It tells you what hole you are on, how far from the current flag you are as well as being able to touch the screen to see, say, how far away a hazard is.  Lots of fun.

I tried to use the blue balls again.  I could see it better in Florida than I could in Indiana.

I have my quilting bee, River Quilters, today.

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