Monday, April 11, 2016

Must Haves

I feel like it was when I was in China and couldn't communicate. I had no internet service at the retreat. I was literally 12 miles away from home, yet it was like I was in the middle of nowhere. When I drove home yesterday I looked at the car notice of service and there was no service at all for seven miles. Did you miss me? I have lots of stuff to show you but I also have to run errands, like a prescription that I should have been taking for the last three days and neglected to refill, so I have to make this entry short.

One of the great things about getting together with a ton of gals is how much you learn about stuff that they have and constantly use, and that you desperately need, now that you have set your eyes on it.  The clapper was new to most of the group.

Are you familiar with this?  It is to flatten seams.  It really works.  You pretty much slam it down on a bunch of conjoining seams or bulky corners.  I tried it and it really works!  My table mate and friend Lynn said that a leather mallet with a handle works well too.  I need this desperately!

The same gal who had the clapper had made this accessory for an extra 'drawer' handy when at the sewing machine.  I think this is very functional.  Maybe we should make this when me and my quilter friends get together for a weekend in June.  What do you think, guys?

Can you see this wedge that is used to cram under a door to keep it open?  This machine had two of them propped under the back to tilt the sewing machine closer to the quilter to get better light on the quilting and to help with strain in back and shoulders while quilting.  It's on my shopping list.

This is what it looks like when in use.  It is just enough tilt to be effective with out the chance of tipping the machine forward.

I tried this Best Press for the first time and really liked  how it eliminated easily the crease that is always there in commercial fabric.  I have refused to use it because a mere 16 oz. cost 8 bucks.  So I went on like and found that I can make it myself with 8 ounces of distilled water to 1 ounce vodka (the cheapest that is potato based).  Into a dollar store mist bottle and you have your self a very cheap replica.


Did you know that you no longer need to buy the pricey iron off hot iron cleaner?  Generic fragrance free dryer sheets will clean the iron dozens of times with one sheet.  You can even use the old one that was first used in the dryer!!!  Talk about a saving!


Quilty said...

Wow, thanks for so many tips, I love the one under the sewing machine, and the one about cleaning iron! Thank you!

Robbie said...

Thanks, Heloise! I mean, Tommy!