Thursday, April 21, 2016

Off To The Lodge

After several hours of quilt talk and assisting Lynn on the long arm, the girls decided to treat ourselves to a lunch out (just like the day before and today!) and we decided to check out the new restaurant at The Lodge, in Lakewood Ranch.  I guess the land it was built on was a cattle range the was won in a poker game several years back.  Ahhhh, don't you just love gambling?

Everything about the decor screams ranching.

Even the fans have prancing horses on them.

The door stop?  None other than a cowboy boot filled with rocks off the 'plains'.


The table we sat at had lots of stuff we all loved.  Check out the beautiful shape of the wine glass.


Now check out the shape of the water/coke glass.  That same top feature that was on the wine glass was also on it.

This is a bad shot of it but the silverware was intertwined with the knife blade in the tines of the fork.  The hand held end of the knife was turned, just like a blacksmith would do so that it wouldn't lay flat but needed those tines to stay upright.  I wish I had thought of that!


Food was wonderful.  Everyone but me got the burger because the beef was locally raised.  (See the connection falling into place?) I had to, for my daughters sake, try the soft shell crab app.

I was not disappointed, in the crab itself, or the preparation.  It was divine.


The waffle sweet potato fries were shared by all .  Yum.

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Robbie said...

Now I'm hungry! Looks great!