Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Inspection

I am just home for the first time today. We had our inspection on the new house today and my friends came over to check out the new digs too. We did some virtual tearing down of walls to make the studio bigger. I also want to convert a closet into a butlers pantry. The inspection went very well. There is very little that needs to be addressed. Most of the changes will be cosmetic which is my taste vs someone else's taste. We close on it in three weeks.

Along with everyone at retreat working on their own projects and ufo's, we had some mini tutorials.

One of them was pieced birds.  If you wanted to make one for yourself that was fine.  If you wanted to make an extra one to put on the board


and at the end of retreat, one of the bird makers would have a chance of winning them all.  Have a guess who won?  Yep, it was me!!!!!  I will sew them together for a couple baby quilts.  They are lots of fun.

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