Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Studio Plans

We meet up with a contractor to discuss the changing of the future studio later on this afternoon before the owners return from London to pack up the house so we can move in.  We close in a week.

Right now this

and this same room from a different angle will be my future studio.  The white door on the back right is a closet.  With the knocking out of

this closet and cutting through to the next room, which is too dark to photograph (a theatre room - all black; yuck) so that my studio is big enough for moi.  I am even relinquishing some of the theatre room for G's man cave so he doesn't have to have the den next to the master bedroom. Plus I am quite sure he wants to be as close to me as possible.  Ya think??   I have no idea when all this will take place.  I leave for home in 26 days so that I get there in time for Memorial weekend, so it's gotta be planned down to the wire.

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Robbie said...

Good luck! We're off to 'home' on Saturday! Hate leaving our wonderful friends but miss my kids and home...time goes by quickly so we'll be back before you know it. Hope to hook up next winter!