Thursday, April 14, 2016

Winding Down With The Retreat!

I think we were calling this the orange tree.  Karen brought this finished quilt top to get some advice on how to quilt it.

I blew this up so that you could see the detailed sewing onto the background black fabric.  It was suggested that she quilt in black in the black.  I suggested a little echo quilting away from the zoom sewing it already has.  It was food for thought for Karen.  I still don't know what she decided to do.


Linda finished quilting his table runner and even got all the facing done too!


Terrie thought out this placement and last I saw her, she was starting to sew it together.


Linda and I decided to do an improv quilt to finish up our retreat.  We started after dinner on the last night and finished up the top on the last half day.  This one is mine.  I combined hand dyed with hand stamped and commercial.  I had fun doing it.

Linda did a marvelous job on her very first improv quilt top.  She even quilted hers before we left for home.

Mine ended up being bigger so I knew I needed to pin it to quilt it so I waited until I got home to do that.  I have even started messing around with my gifted bird blocks!!

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Robbie said...

You always have fun no matter what you do! Like the improv!