Friday, May 13, 2016

A Couple Of Quilts

This is a quilt that my dear friend JeanAnn, one of my quilters, made for her grandson's college graduation.  She just got it back from Natalia Bonner, who did a beautiful custom long arm job for her. This large quilt was paper pieced!!!!

Linda did some practicing on a white board to master the e's and 3's overall pattern she wanted to do

You can see the E and 3 pattern, can't ya?

Here is the quilt about half way completed.  Linda had a little trouble with thread breakage due to their being so many seams to cross.

She was very happy with finally getting the quilt quilted!!

I had a girls only cocktail party last night to mark my almost going back north.  I have been having a party for myself when I leave.  It was a little early this time because a couple of the gals I wanted to have them come were leaving in the next couple days.  I am around here until a week from Sunday.

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