Friday, May 06, 2016

A Couple A Things.

I had the neighborhood stitch and bitch here in the studio this morning as Kathy, who normally has it, is in Sri Lanka.

I have two pictures I have to share.

This is Charlotte, sitting on the toilet on her third birthday.  She has her party dress on, her kitten shoes, arms full of birthday gifts and to top it all off, an astronaut's head gear.  Her mom said she had it on for so long that is was dripping wet from her breathing in it and her hair was damp too.  What a knuckle head she is!


This was the front of a birthday card I got from my friends, Nancy and Frank, who live in good ole
California.  Is it not adorable?


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Robbie said...

You have to keep that picture of Charlotte forever and ever!!! That is priceless!!!