Sunday, May 08, 2016

And The Winner is Nyquist

First off, have a great day, all you Moms!

We went to our second annual Kentucky Derby party yesterday.  I did my hat and was ready to go.

Yes, this is a very odd pose but Mary Alice, the photographer, kept telling me to tilt this way and that to get rid of the total shadow that the hat caused.

And then I had a bit of competition for my hat.  I think the host, Steve, was going for color coordination with his shirt!

This is Mary Alice's hand in the picture of just some of the adorable yard art of racing silks.

This is the gambling.  I had three ten dollar bets; one on Oscar Nominated, Gun Runner and SuddenBreakingNews.   I won for Show with Gun Runner and won $40.  Yeah!

Food was fantastic.  There were brats, mild and hot italian sausages, chicken sausages, mint juleps, plus dozens of salads, appetizers and desserts.  This is the one I brought.  Once again I went for the Portillo's chopped salad.  What a great party!

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Robbie said...

I had Gun Runner too but didn't win anything! HA...looks like you had a great the hat and hope you had a great Mother's Day!