Saturday, May 07, 2016

Cinco De Mayo

This month was my turn to host my Cause A Stir Kitchen Club. Because it fell on Cinco De Mayo, I took the advise of Linda and had a Mexican theme. I can't believe I didn't make the connection of May 5th!

I started off with dips for regular corn and blue corn tortilla chips.  The first one looks ugly because


it bubbled over the side in the oven.  Thankfully I had a foil covered sheet pan under it for just such accidents.  It tasted mighty good tho'.

I made a mango salsa, and with hess avocados 10 for ten bucks,

I made guacamole.  Next was a soup course and I made tomatillo gazpacho but don't have a picture.

The main course was beef enchiladas with salsa verde.  It was very good.

Dessert consisted of two different sweets.  These adorable looking things are dulce de leche half-moons.  They have caramel inside of a wafer that was folded over and roasted pumpkin seeds were placed around the opening where the caramel tried to eek out.

My very first try at making churros was a big hit too.  Some were cinnamon and sugar dipped and the other ones were waiting to be dipped in chocolate ganache.  It was a fun time.  Everyone went home with recipes.