Thursday, May 05, 2016

Evo Cooking

My neighbor, who happens to be in Sri Lanka for a month, told me about this fabulous grill she saw at ACE hardware. It was a rainy day yesterday so G and I got in the car to check out the marvelous grill.


Well it is sure versatile, if it can do all this stuff.  The thing is very large.

This is it built into cabinetry but they had it just out like a grill with a place for the propane which is hidden in this photo.  Under that lid, the cooking surface is probably 28" across the round cast iron looking cook surface.  It costs just under $3500.  Hum,  who would buy something like this without using it first, seeing how to clean it along with a bunch of other questions.  I think we'll take a pass.

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Robbie said...

Well, maybe if I hit the lottery...