Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Gettin' Together

Gordon has left me for two weeks! He is, as usual, meeting up with his brother and my three brothers for the first day of wall-eye fishing in Minnesota.  Why they feel like they need to be there on the very first day is beyond me.  We ( G and me) will meet up north just in time to greet our guests for Memorial weekend.

We had yet another stitch and bitch yesterday.


Linda is in the back on the long arm and Janie and Joyce are at the ironing/cutting table posing for the photo.  Both of them are new into quilting and love to get together.


Robbie said...

Two weeks...hmmmmm I'm getting two nights! Headed to INDY on Friday until Sunday for grand daughter's bridal shower...staying in a hotel! No dogs..no hubby...just my book, wine and perhaps netflix! HA

Gayle from MI said...

Love your studio space! Lots of light in there for sure.