Sunday, May 22, 2016


My Modern Quilt Guild had a meeting on Saturday (yesterday) and I thought I would share some of the show and tell.


This one and the next one were done with a charm pack.


Sorry for the placement of these quilts.  They mostly put them on the floor but then don't and just hold them up.

Notice the birdie on this one and the birdie


on this quilt that has it's body made of selvages!!!!!

This is very cool.

The same artist, Pat,  made this one that she saw on Pinterest.

There's that bird again; this time on a baby quilt for Aspen Ruth that was born last week!

Jane made this for her 40 year old step son.  It is very masculine.


Jann made this back of a quilt for

this front.  It is for a baby that I think is in high school now.

Love the cool colors.

This has a lot of hand perle cotton work on it.

Karla worked on this at one of the retreats I went to.

Linda made her own fabric.  Great colors!

I am half way home in a hotel with Bella.  I  dined on the Taco Bell next door.  Yum….. Not.  They no longer put tomatoes of sour cream on tacos.  That's a crime.

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Safe travels...although, I am so far behind reading blog(s), you're most likely there already!