Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Beautiful Planter

I started to plant the succulents that I brought from Florida into my new planter.
I realized that the bottom stainless steel planter was 24" tall and that would take a massive amount of potting soil, not to mention the weight of all that soil on my deck.  Between G and me we settled on 50 noodles

from the dollar store and topped them off with bubble wrap.  So, bottom line is the bottom 19" of the planter is filled with man made stuff.  We used 140 lbs of soil to fill the remainder.  Can you imagine the weight if we used all soil?

Pretty clever, wouldn't you say?

We got caught in a massive rain storm while inside a big box store last evening.  My poor Bella was in the car, with lightening and thunder and all by herself.  G braved the elements to bring the car up to the lumber entrance that had a roof.  By the time we packed the car, the rain drizzled away.  Just bad timing.

Now I am going to tackle the front garden pots before today's rain starts up.

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Gayle from MI said...

That was a great idea! It's nasty muggy here and I just wish it would rain!