Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Post Partying

I get up this morning and race the weather, taking ibuprofen,for the bum knee (thank you arthritis), putting on my walking garb, and slathering my skin with sun screen only to be confronted with lightening and thunder in the front yard the minute my feet hit the pavers. Now I am sticking to the furniture with all the lights on as it is so dark outside and watching the much needed rain slam down. The grass here is crunchy, it is so moisture depleted. Bella is a bit scared and up on the desk with me, licking the sun screen off my arms.

The birthday girl and her BFF's (except for Robbie!) lunching at a country club and


after taking a selfie, playing mahjong for several hours. Then I came home to these


beautiful flowers from the kids and later on Bella, G and I went out to have a sidewalk cafe

dinner with even Bella getting her own menu. We did not let her order because she ate before leaving home but the thought was nice.


Robin Walston said...

Glad you had such a nice birthday.
I thought of you a couple of weeks ago when my husband and I ate at a restaurant called The Dapper Pig in Evansville, IN. All the entrees contained pork in some form. The place was decorated with pigs of all types and sizes - well over a hundred of them, I'm guessing.
I tried to include a picture but it won't paste.
I enjoy your blog so much.

Ma sewist said...

I've seen from some of your posts that you sew for Days for Girls. I have been constructing shields for a local effort and feel I could contribute more but they don't seem to be able to take advantage of that. I was hoping that you could describe in more detail what you do, hoping that I could get some information as to how I might become more involved in this effort. It would be great if you could blog about it, or you respond to me directly at the email attached. Thanks so much.

Robbie said...

I was actually with you in spirit! Didn't you feel my presence!?

Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Hope it was fun.