Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Daisy

I finally decided to tackle the thread work I need to do on the daisy before I head home.  My friend Lynn told me to use a pretty rigid interfacing, either iron on or not.  I chose Decor Bond and ironed it on, which was no small feat.  I was shocked to turn it to the right side, only to see the daisy riddled with wrinkles!!!  It was no good.


I started to gingerly take off the interfacing, inch by inch.

It eventually came off.  I had a whole bolt of the interfacing so I cut a piece to fit the appliquéd portion of the quilt top.

I pinned it on the long arm as if it were a backing fabric.

It seems to work.  I have done a little of the thread work each day.  I have no comfort level doing it but it totally needs it to be done so I just bit the bullet and jumped in.  I am about a fifth done.  I have got to buckle down and do it.


Robbie said...

I've only used a light weight interfacing for thread painting...but heck, I just do things from the seat of my pants! You'll have this done in now time! Safe travels!

Gayle from MI said...

Decor Bond can be the devil himself! I can never get it to stick easiky but I do like the weight of it for some things. Especially bags and totes. It looks good to me!