Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We Had Some Fun With Pot

We had a fun project in mind to do this past weekend and even tho' we had our hands full with lots of fun stuff to do, we managed to get to the store and get some clay pots and accomplish some wonderful stuff!


Mike got five pots and trays and was just going to paint them to put in her kitchen garden window when little Violet asked her was was the name of the plants she purchased.  We looked on the label and they all just said succulents, so I started to name them randomly names like Mary, Susan, Kathy, Linda and Diane.  That gave my sister Mike an idea.  She thought of her sisters and decided to name them Pat, Mike, Tommy, Molly, and Sara.  We cut out the letters in vinyl with my trusty old Cricut machine (given to me by none other than Mike!)  She placed them on the pots, here are three of them, and then painted the pots and the next day we took off the vinyl

this is what they ended up looking like.  Mike decided to transport them back to Illinois with out potting them to cut down on possible mess.  They turned out very cute didn't they?

I did something similar, only I had three sizes of pots, the largest being the largest I could find.  I painted the area where I wanted the herb names so instead of the terra cotta color showing through, I would have another color.  When this is put together, which will be done at my daughter's house in Chicago, the largest pot will have an upside down bucket in the center so that the next largest pot can set on top of it.  The remainder of the pot will have potting soil and, guess what?  Basil!  With the parsley pot in the center surrounded with basil.  Same goes with the next two pots.  It's a fun deck DYI that is cute and useful when you need a handful of herbs!

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Robbie said...

How cute these turned out! Great for the deck! I've only potted jalapeno's and tomato plant for the deck...I'll have to remember this for next year!