Thursday, May 19, 2016

What's Going On

This is pretty funny and/or odd. It's par for the course for me tho'. I check messages on the land line every now and then and just did it yet again. It said 'No New Messages' and has said that for a good month so just for the hell of it I punched in my code number and proceeded to listen to 23 messages, half that wished me a happy birthday on May 3rd!!!!! There is something about me and anything that is powered in any way. I am a jinx. Anyway, I now forgive you sister Mike for not acknowledging my 66th birthday.


I did get a little razzing about having G in Minnesota order my sub from Publix.  But he thought
nothing of it and within minutes of the text asking him for the 'usual' I got this back from him.  Hey,
ya gotta be proud of him!

Here is my Bella, out at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  She is definitely a chick magnet.  Everyone
always wants to touch her!!!


We did dinner and mahjong yesterday in honor of my BFF Linda, who today turns 65 and has her medicare card in hand.  Happy Birthday sweetie!

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Robbie said...

G is a keeper for sure! But you are worth it!