Tuesday, June 21, 2016


What is with the internet? I have waited an hour in the past to have photos pop up to put on the blog (hence skipping the whole blogging procedure on many an occasion!) and how? It almost pops up before I finish choosing my photos! I just can't figure it out. Not that I am complaining!

I spoke too soon when I said that my sis's quilt top was complete before.  Now I can re-say that now Mike's quilt top is complete.  I forgot all about the centers of the flowers.  I showed her how to cut the freezer paper center  out and then iron it onto the fabric, cut the fabric out 1/4" around the pattern and then do a running stitch around on the 1/4", pull and tie off and then just appliqué it down.


Her centers came out perfectly.

Mike wanted to learn to do foundation piecing (printed pattern on muslin) and so she used the left over fabric from her flower quilt top and finished off an example of the 4" block.  She did a grand job and she did it on a sewing machine.  Most every one I know does it by hand.  Leave it to her to make it faster and better!

My last accomplishment was to quilt and bind these two baby quilts.  The finishing hand work to secure the binding isn't done yet but it will be soon!  I think Mike may be ahead of me!

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