Thursday, June 16, 2016

Backing It Up

Having almost completed 5 queen sized scrap quilts (still working on the binding), I found myself out of backing for such a large piece. So I went to my new go to store for 108" backings, Marshall Dry Goods, and decided on three different colors with pattern and ordered 9 yards of each. That works out to be the backing for nine more scrap quilts.

After I ordered, I realized that I didn't ask for them to be in three yard pieces.  It is much easier to have them do the cutting for that yardage.  I called, but of course, the order had been shipped.  Funny tho', I didn't get a notice of that and it was six more days before the order was delivered.  Oh well.


So here they are, 9 yards of violet, turquoise and leaf green.  I put them on my rolling table and cut them into three equal parts.  It's not a very difficult job at all but I just hate working with large pieces of fabric.

They are now in their space in the cupboard of fabric.  I can check that off my current list!

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