Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Changing It Up

I am in the throes of picking out new leather for the common room.  That involves a very large
(over 100")  couch and four recliners; two for each area.  I am completely restricted by color of
leather, and the confines of the recliner 'LOOK'.  I am not a fan of the overstuffed, catheter carrying, ejectable, and arms as big as my butt chair I mostly see.  It's not an easy thing to track down.  I think I have found what I have been looking at American Leather.  More investigation will go on today.

I also have my outside kitchen at the new Florida house (new for us) on my mind.  Right now it is just a counter housing a grill that has seen better days and a bar sink.  There is no out of lanai venting, save a couple of windows that can open or close.

I want it to be more of a kitchen and come out in a 'L' form for some stools and sitting and or just counter space.  We are still talking a pizza oven and a few other things.  My friend Kathy

has this built in wok burner and under it is a drawer

that holds the very large wok itself when not in use.  It sure helps with keeping the kitchen clean but I don't wok enough to justify having one of those.  I am still thinking and looking and hopefully will come up with a picture of what I want by the time it will need to be built.  So far, there's been no work done at the new place.  Contractor scheduling and all that.  Hopefully soon some work will get started.

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Robbie said...

When are you heading back down? Hard to micro manage from a distance isn't it...but you've done it before successfully so why did I ask! HA