Saturday, June 11, 2016

Crazy Dogs

Bella was making all sorts of noise to the point that I had to yell at her and figure out what the problem was. Last time she did this she had trapped a snake in our dining room in Florida and wouldn't let it move. This was something all together different.


There was a teenaged girl with a surf board and three dogs right on what would have been our backyard beach if it was there.  The two little dogs stayed on the board for the most part but the slightly larger dog (out of the lens scope) mostly liked to jump off and swim around.

It was pretty cute to watch.  It went on and on and so did Bella.  People are taking advantage of having
water everywhere!  They say it won't last.  Who knows with this crazy weather!

I made G Carbonara Classica last night for dinner.  The difference between my take on it and that of others is that my bacon is substantial.  G loves a bacon piece to shine!!!  It's a good thing because I made enough for several nights.  Did I do that for him or for me?

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Gayle from MI said...

The lake must really be up because I was on our side of the lake Tuesday and there was no beach there either!