Thursday, June 09, 2016

Hitting The Links

I am up early to do some workout and then go to 9 hole golf that starts when I usually am rolling out of bed. And it is 55º out so that means I need to down a snowsuit. Come on, I am virtually a Florida chick!!! I have on long pants and will have a hoodie on because I checked out the forecast and by the time I get done with ladies lunch, it will barely be 70º. Yikes!

When mushrooms are on sale I am a happy camper. They are probably my favorite veg. I could eat my mushroom ragu (actually Giada's but I take full credit) on cereal.


 My secret is to simmer it for over an hour vs. her thirty minutes.


Remember when Anne, Linda, and I made this quilt a couple years ago?  Well, it's time for it to leave the nest.  My teen angel, Kelly, is getting married soon and I have decided to part with it and put it in a young household.  I normally give a scrap quilt but Kelly already has one for being one of my favorite young people that is not related to me.  Tommy, it's time to cut the cord.


Robbie said...

Love that quilt! Really cool...will have to check out that mushroom recipe!

Gayle from MI said...

I would never mwke it in Florida. This is my kind of weather! That's a great quilt and great gift too!