Wednesday, June 08, 2016

I Am So Callous

I have been plagued with a callous on the outside bone just under my toes by wearing a pair of maryjanes that rubbed it sore due to the orthotic and the lift.  I couldn't manage it so I took a pair of runners that I liked the least and cut a hole in them.  Instant relief.  Now I at least will be able to
have time for it to heal.  I will probably get sick of wearing these shoes tho'.

Remember back awhile in the spring when I made a quilt for a newborn based on an invite to his welcome to the world shower?

Here is the little man.  Quite a good replica, wouldn't you say?  Here he is, on a tummy time quilt I made for him.  He is the best baby, bar none, that I have ever met.  


Robbie said...

Baby is a cutie! And of course looks adorable on the quilt..almost like an ad!

Gayle from MI said...

Thanks for the idea of the tummy time quilt! I had stopped doing baby quilts because somany won't use them in a crib. Cute baby too!