Thursday, June 30, 2016

Itty Bitty

My current obsession is the Tiny House shows. I love them; yet I could never live in one if my life depended on it. This particular tiny house measures total square footage to be 253 square feet, which is large for a tiny house. I just measured my studio, which is far smaller than my one in Florida, and it is almost 500 square feet. Boy, am I spoiled. Off to golf.

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Robbie said...

OMG.I watch those shows too! Did you see the couple who build Tiny Houses in Alaska! And they build one for themselves! With the 'outhouse' outside!!!! Well, it did give them some more room inside then!!! The wife was as good with a hammer and nail as the hubby...they were a cute couple....and she can sure lift heavy wood! And windows! HA