Friday, June 24, 2016

Mother Nature

I golfed my best game ever yesterday while enjoying 9 hole golf. I normally have a hovering score of 70ish but yesterday I got a 56 on the back nine of the course which is way harder than the front nine. I think you even get some points taken off your score for being placed in the back vs the front. Yeah!! And yet, I still didn't get a par.


We now have a bit of a beach.  And I mean a bit.  Not even enough for the grand gals to get all their stuff on the beach without water intruding, but it's a start.  By Labor day we will have all that crap on the sand after shlepping it down the stairs of the sea wall.

We had tornado warnings and up to 80 mph winds off the lake on Wednesday night.  There was lots of lightening off the lake.  Our front garden tree split and the massive limb ended up on our neighbors roof.  It seems like there was no damage which is a good thing.  The tree guy has already come and gone and carted away the two massive limbs.  All is well on the Fitzsimmon's homestead.


Claudia said...

Yay...Beach for Labor Day!

Robbie said...

Whew! Glad the 'tree' didn't hurt anyone or anything!!! Scary...I'm actually tired of this Florida weather living in Michigan! Give me fall...but wait!!! That means winter is coming...ok, I'll just stay in the air conditioning!