Friday, June 17, 2016

Oh Deer

I had many distractions in my day yesterday so I didn't accomplish much. First off, I thought it was Friday and that just screwed with my head. I was doing all the wrong things. Then I had a new gal come in to do odd stuff (she is saving money for her college tuition), because I don't like to do certain jobs especially if I can pay someone else to do them.

Then the doorbell rang and it was a guy I have talked to all week who is putting a landscape fountain next door. I walk the dog a lot and he and his crew are on my route. He said that there was a baby deer in the next door yard and it can barely walk and looks like he has some of the birthing sack on him. I told him I would make some calls. I called the city and they told me to call the DNR (Department of Natural Resources, rather than the Do Not Resuscitate). I called DNR and because I was not the property owner that wouldn't even talk to me. By this time the baby went to the next yard. I got ahold of the homeowner and told her to call the DNR. In the mean time the worker guy and I saw an adult deer with two tiny babies in beach grass a couple yards down the beach. We think she was giving birth right there.

Stephanie called DNR and they told her to not touch the deer and that the mother would come back. It was all very cute and hectic at the same time.

Unfortunately that would have been the time to have a nap but it was not to happen. I spent my off time cutting out


background white fabric with mostly 2" squares and


tons and tons of colored fabric 2" squares.

I am ready to walk the dog and see what's going on with the baby fawn.  I am a bit of a nosy nellie.


Robbie said...

If there is a sad ending to the 'deer' story, plz don't share! 3 babies...they may not all make it...oh so sad!! Like I need another animal story to keep me awake at night! HA

Gayle from MI said...

What a full day! Whatcha making?