Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sam's Gerber Daisy Photo

I have tackled the beginning of the quilting on the dreaded flower.  I ran out of pins and therefore have to do this in thirds.  Once I got going I realized that I can't do the petals and the background at the same sitting.

Here is the stage after four hours that I finished the quilting on the petals.

I think you can see the quilting here.  It is the straight line of quilting that my hands can manage.

A large problem showed up after this part was done.  All the work on the petals; paint and thread play did some damage on the black background.  There is a lot of excess fabric that I can't just quilt on and make the volume go away.  Another conundrum that has arisen during the making of the photo quilt.  This will take a lot of brain power and definitely some wine to figure out what to do.  My thoughts are to do some hand work in the black to take over the excess or else cut out the flower and transpose it onto a new quilted background.  Thoughts?


Marybeth said...

"Appliquéing" the flower to a different background fabric would give it an added dimension that would make the flower pop! How big is the flower and how big do you want the finished piece to be?

Robbie said...

Holy smoke! You sure use a lot of pins! Not sure if you quilted around your flower before you started to stitch inside the petals...with that said, I think if you press the black fabric moving the iron from the petals outward then carefully pin but only about a hand width for each pin...perhaps too many pins have actually bunched up some of the fabric.
I have had this happen on occasion but just lifting up my background (I spray baste) and re-sandwich the fabric, it all smoothed out. You'll come up with something! Looks good so far!!
MaryBeth's suggestion is a good one too!!