Monday, June 13, 2016


I decided to get a small, unassuming starter sewing machine for Violet.  Yesterday was the start of firefly frenzy at JoAnn's and I got this adorable machine for thirty bucks off.  And it's pink!  It ended up costing a hundred bucks and it even does button holes!  I figure I don't want to spoil her with a thread cutter and a self threading machine to start with.  She needs to know how to thread, sew and be kind to the machine first before anything substantial will ever come out of her desire to sew.

I remember back when I started sewing.  I actually learned how to sew in seventh grade home economics.  And, odd for me to look back and realize this, but my mother let all of us use her Phaff sewing machine.  It was so uncharacteristic of her.  With so many kids and not a lot of money, she was very leery of letting us use things that we could break and they would be expensive to fix.  Not sewing tho', she was very generous with that.  Hummm.  Why I wonder.

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