Wednesday, June 15, 2016


G passed me the parade magazine from Sunday's paper to show me this

 recipe.  He knows I am a sucker for anything that has visible eggs in it.  It is a Israeli/New Orleans
dish that is all the rage.  I looked at the ingredients and first up, after oil was okra.  Not going there so I decided to replace it with steamed green beans.  Fava beans are a hassle to free from their shell so I chose to shell edamame instead.


The prep was a bit labor intensive but maybe I felt that because I was in the middle of a very
good book.  Anyway, except for tomato sauce and spices, this is the components.


The end result looked like this.  G said, why doesn't it look like the magazine picture.  I just glared at him and tried to impart a little magazine employee job description.  I explained to him that someone, who it is their job to do, played with the food for several hours to get the very best angle and placement of the food, based on dark to light, color on color etc.  It went right over his head.

The one thing in comparing the real deal and the photo is that they must have purposefully broke a yolk so that the deep yellow would be exposed and look more desirable, when the directions say to cook the whites but leave the yolks intact and runny.  Also the photo from the magazine has some dark additions, such as purple potatoes  the isn't in the main recipe although there are substitutions listed on the side bar.

We liked it but there are things that are needing change.  The tomato sauce should be cooked  way down as it had no depth of flavor even with mixing with lots of vegetables leaving it a tad on the wet side.  The next time I make it, and I will, I will eliminate at least two vegetables.  There can be too much of a good thing.  Gordon suggested trying sausage instead of shrimp.  I mentioned that it might turn a bit greasy but I will humor the old man and try it.

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