Monday, June 06, 2016

The Quality And Productivity

This is Jean Ann's quilt for her grandson's college graduation that I believe I already
showed on the blog but this a picture of it in my studio before she started to sew on
the hanging sleeve.


The quilting from a gal named Natalia Bonner (she has a blog) was custom and stunning.


Anne used a couple charm packs from Moda's Zen Chic line to make two table runners for a couple
of her offspring.


I tried to explain to her that my middle name is Ann so I felt that I was entitled
to one but Anne was having nothing to do with it.

My sis worked on this Debby Mumm quilt top.  It was very detailed to work on.  Lots and lots
of odd piecing but she plugged away at it; including several dish cloths and lots of dog time as I did not do my part due to the constant use of the long arm. They could have been talking about me for two of the three days and I would not have known!.


This wreath was something that caught Peggy and Jean Ann's eye when we were on a shop hop in Florida this past spring.   They got all the components and made it on Saturday.  It is definitely not my
taste but they turned out crisp and precise and all they need is a big ole' bow.  This is for Peggy's front door for the 4th of July and

Jean Ann is planning on putting it on her side door.


Anne worked on this adorable fish quilt.  So far the pieced fish are coming along
nicely.  There is a joiner piece that goes in between the fish but this is what was on the
design wall.


Peggy worked on this 'Happily Scrappily Irish' pattern by Bonnie Hunter, that she cut out 2" squares out for a couple months before the workshop with Bonnie.  This photo is of four out of the 12 panels needed for her quilt.  She actually got five done here but this is the last photo I took of it.  I have this on my future agenda of things to make.

This is a little kit of parts to make pineapple blocks using muslin foundation from
a stamp I bought more than twenty years ago.  I made it for myself and realized that
it wasn't my type of busy work and gave it to Peggy.  She has sporadically used it
in those twenty years and recently took it up again and made this lovely piece.

This is what it looks like from the back.  Peg says it's not done yet and needs
a couple more rows to complete it but right now it measures 11 1/2", so yeah,
its real intricate work.

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