Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tuesday Morning!

You can see how lovely the petals themselves turned under.  There is a little black showing at the 'v' point in between petals but with putting them on


a black background and that 'v' being black, it will not be any issue.  I am heading off to the store to get the fabric for the new background quilt as soon as the stores open.

It was almost 90º yesterday and it is 64º now, going up to a whopping 70º for the days high.  This is my kind of day.  The lake is wild and ready for surfers.  When we all went down to the workout room Bella was almost knocked over by the wind!!!   Oh, I should explain that we have a lake side garage that used to house the kayak's, and all sorts of beach toys but has been a home gym for a few years, once we formed another storage unit under the three season porch.  We have to go outside for access to the room.   It's kind of family bonding.  Bella gets petted by me when G is doing his reps and then the petting is up to G when it's my turn.

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Robbie said...

Flower quilt lookin good!! The family that works out together, stays together! How cute!