Tuesday, June 07, 2016

What's Going On

Okay, what's with this weather? Yesterday was in the 80's and today, or at least right now it is in the 50's. The weather channel says it may get up to 64ยบ. I went from melting in a summer dress yesterday to a hoodie and yoga pants today.

I am busily working on all the cutsie components for our 9 hole guest day that I am in charge of. Most of it is sitting down in front of the tv work. The theme of the day is 'Here Comes The Bride' so there is a lot of tule involved. It's not until July 14th so I have plenty of time, but the signup sheet needs to be in the ladies locker room today so that's the plan.

I finished long arming five scrap quilts, one of which I royally screwed up so it is now a beach quilt. The long and short of it is besides putting the backing on the machine wrong, I didn't think that black backing fabric would drag so much of the beige Warm and Natural batting up with the needle so that the back looks bad. The sand will never know.


Yesterday was spent sewing binding on the remaining four quilts so now, after the golf preliminary stuff is done, I will be sewing the binding down in my leisure time.


Mike said...

A perfect day for sewing on binding.

Robbie said...

I run into that same problem when stitching hand embroidery on my quilts...who knew there is a right side and wrong side to batting! Sometimes I forget to check before I sandwich my quilt...make sure the needle punch side is facing up...now to remember this! Which I don't always! HA