Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Winding It Up

My mind is completely on the menu's for this weekend. It is going to be simple fare. I am making cupcakes and cookies currently and will once again have to go to the store as soon as my hair is dry.

I made myself a list of things I had to finish before my sister came back for her every other weekend visit and I am, except for the background and hence, the finishing of the daisy, I am right on schedule. I finished binding on the four remaining queen sized quilts, the binding on the two baby quilts, caught up on my 9 hole guest day self inflicted work, and pieced the last of my gifted birds into a quilt top and have the backing and batting ready for quilting this weekend.

I have cut out a project that Mike and I decided to do together and I did some serious cleaning out of stuff in the studio and my files to eliminate all things I haven't looked at in at least ten years. I feel very accomplished and I even got in a nap or two and still have two days to wrap it all up!!! YEAH!!

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Robbie said...

Don't you have anything else to do! Yikes! I got tired just reading your post! And I feel like I'm very productive! But you have me beat by MILES!