Saturday, July 02, 2016

All New Recipes!

Day one of vaca was productive. Mike quilted a whole quilt; in fact the one she started and completed since I have been home for Memorial Day weekend. I prepared the backing and front of my black whole cloth quilt that is to be backing numero duce for the daisy quilt. It is on the long arm and will be tackled today, with a little interference (gladly) from my grand girls. It's a big day as we are breaking in the pink sewing machine machine for Violet.

The bread bowl sandwich that I made yesterday didn't shrink like I wanted it to do. So I added more


with G's helping decide that what I had on the meat concoction was more like thirty pounds instead of


It certainly did compact but it looked like a man designed it.  That is a good inch of meat!!  We sliced wedges and put it on a sheet pan and into the oven to warm up.  It ended up being pretty darn good.  I will tweak it next time, adding more duxelle and swiss and half the roast beef.

The sides we had were out of this world and new recipes.


Mike brought this wonderful salad.  She got it from a young gal at work who made it last Sunday and brought it to work for lunch Monday through Thursday.  During dinner we decided to make the recipe our own by cutting half the garbanzo beans out and adding  some little pasta like ditalini or orzo for a softer touch.

This corn salad tastes much much much better than it looks.  It is featured in the current issue of Bon Appetit magazine.  It has raw and grilled corn with shaved parmesan, roasted hazelnuts, rice wine vinegar, olive oil, orange juice and spices.  YUM!!!


Gayle from MI said...

Both of those salads look devine!

Robbie said...

For us veggie lovers, I can see making that sandwich with other fixings too! Thanks for the idea! Love salads..any kind!!!