Friday, July 29, 2016

And The Beat Goes On

I showed you this pile of patterns I had made for my lucky seven (seven lines of color) but realized early into making the patterns that I switched from pencil to pen and that's a no-no. The pen is water soluble and it can do that solubiling (new made up word) on my fabric. So a literal halt was in play for yesterdays work.


I had to remake the patterns for the third line of color, When it was done, I had to redraw all the remaining patterns in pencil, and there were around 50 pieces. That, a beautiful day of golf and a menu making day filled in the whole day, with a couple trips to the local grocer.

Did you know that bees are born fully grown? That would be very weird if it was a human being born fully grown. And painful? I bet the population would go down significantly. Oh, and that interesting tidbit was brought to you by Snapple.

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