Saturday, July 23, 2016

Another Day

I received an order from (I think I showed you the box). Anyway, I get two pieces of fabric, one that was five yards of black solid (it's almost impossible to dye black evenly) and six yards of red backing. This is what it looked like in the box.


It was a mess; just stuffed inside a plastic bag.  I was pissed.  I would have to iron the whole thing before I divvied it up.  So I sent an email to Contact Us and told them I was disappointed with the condition of my order.  They responded immediately apologizing and gave me a ten dollar off coupon on my next order.  I wasn't expecting anything other than to tell them that is not how the normal person expects $70 worth of fabric to be sent out.  If it happens again, I will no longer shop there.


I went to the blueberry farm when they first opened yesterday.  They get so busy that I refuse to wait for an hour for fresh blueberries.  I had no wait yesterday and got myself six pounds!    They are in the freezer, awaiting some muffins or such.

After sending my Designer Diamond Husquvarna Viking mating off to be fixed (thanks to my sister), it seemed like brand new.  That was, for a week exactly.  Then it was back to it's bad ways, of running on and on and the only way to stop it's sewing was to pull the plug.  Then it started stopping sewing completely and having


this error message on it.  I could restart it but it gets ridiculous when I have to do it every five minutes!!!
The guy that fixed it, out of the Sewing Room in Lombard Illinois said it was due to a faulty foot petal. Well, a couple hundred bucks later and it is right back at it's bad ways.  It's always something.  And of course, I am right in the middle of sewing my Christmas pillows!

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Gayle from MI said...

One of my friends had this happen. She found if she turned it on and let it sit for 15 minutes it didn't do it as often. She took it to three different dealers until it was finally fixed right. I know they blamed it on the foot petal too at first. Did you try checking some forums? They are usually helpful. Oh and I ordered fabric from there. It was cut so crooked that by the time I straightened the edges I no longer had a full yard. Annoying!