Wednesday, July 27, 2016


G came home, after galavanting all over Michigan with many many friends, hitting different golf courses for three days, and told me that I had a birthday gift in the front garden.  I looked out the window and there it was!!!  A beautifully wrapped gift.  Immediately after seeing the card I knew who it came from.  At a Sunday night party I sat next to a dear friend Linda and we gabbed and gabbed and she told me she had a gift for me, for no particular reason and had it for over a year!!  She said that it was probably long enough for her to give it to me ( a procrastinator!) and sure enough, two days later I was gifted

Palmer the Pig.  He is a little snooty and made out of volcanic stone and therefore quite light weight.

He looks as cute from the back as he does from the front.  He now sits regally on the dining room table, waiting for just the right spot to hang out.  He could become an outside pig, given his makeup but he may have to stay a little closer to the studio.  He's adorable and he has a name!

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Robbie said...

He is adorable!!!!! And so perfect for you!