Wednesday, July 20, 2016


I don't know what's going on but there are spiders everywhere. We went down to our workout room to find a new spider web on the equipment that wasn't there yesterday!!! We need to broom the walls to be able to walk around.

When I harvested the basil for the year's first crop,


I had to kill tons of baby spiders while I was preparing the leaves for washing.  I got bit twice too, even being careful not to.


This first crop didn't measure up with the past.  Normally the plants are much bigger but we did move them to the back yard rather than the deck and it may have been effected by the closer proximity to the lake.  We will try again with a new batch this weekend.

Our poor gal Bella went to the vet for a  dental exam, where they put her under and this time she lost three teeth.  She has never had good teeth no matter what I do.  As it is, I have taken all treats away except for ones that are good for her teeth.  She will be gumming her food by the time she is 15.  She has lost seven teeth in as many years.  It doesn't seem to affect her at all.  She still eats with abandon!

I have just finished putting my 12" exchange blocks in their

envelopes, addressed them and got them all taped up so G can take them to work to mail.  They will travel to Michigan, Indiana, California, Wyoming and Australia.  I should be receiving mine within the next six weeks.  I know for a fact that Robbie has completed hers.  I'll do the reveal in a week or so.


Robbie said...

Guess I better get my envelopes and print out my labels! So I'll be behind you on the 12x12's! At least I remember this year the date!! Whew!

Gayle from MI said...

Well. I don't have mine quite ready to mail out yet.