Monday, July 18, 2016



 Here comes the Bride was very special.  Everyone had a wonderful time

Some people really got into it.  There was a lot of white


and some people needed help with their veils.  I was good at veils.

Genie and Ellie came as wedding planners.  Very clever and original.

Here is my foursome.  Very virginal.


Laurel and Regina helped with registration.

The club pro and assistant pro got into the theme of things.

While they were announcing the play for the day, there was wedding music playing
in the background.

This is Catherine from my foursome, teeing off.  She looks like she
rolled out of the 1800's.

After play was, of course, a champagne toast for all the brides.

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Robbie said...

You are right! Catherine looks like something from a Gabsy film! What a hoot!!! You all looked wonderful and I'm sure it was fun times!