Thursday, July 21, 2016

Let's Call It A Day

I have golf this morning and I think someone said it was gonna be around 100º either today or tomorrow. I will be a shrinking violet in that kind of weather!!! Maybe it will improve my game!!


The daisy is done.  I am over the moon because  of it.  I decided not to do the small yellow border on it because it was not in the original photo but added with photo shop.  I had it in before I had to change out the black and then couldn't figure how to quilt it without having black thread coming in and out of the yellow.

Here is the original photo.  It was a labor of love.

I do love the depth the petals got when I resewed them onto the new background.

The bottom of the quilt was painted on but I managed to sew around each and every shape to make
it feel like it was part of the quilt.  Now that it is done, I love the @#$%^DAISY!


Claudia said...

Stunning. And it sure was a labor of love, maybe sometimes not for you, but for the recipient. You did good.

Robbie said...

This is turn out SO nice! Well, doe y friend!

Gayle from MI said...

That looks great! Job well done my friend.