Friday, July 22, 2016

New Found Wealth

I get a call from G at work when I got home from golf. It was simply stating that I spent $9629.80 at the hospital in May. Is that correct, he asked? Well, I went to my calendar and the only thing I had done in May here at home was my Prolia shot, that I get twice a year for osteoporosis. We found out, after extensive research that it was indeed the Prolia shot. It's a shot in the arm and I am there, in the infusion center of the hospital for maybe ten minutes tops. Long story short, after contacting my physician who prescribed the drug and Blue cross, and our insurance guy, that the shot itself is only $9100. The nurse dispensing it in my arm charges (the hospital, not her) $500 to do the job. The problem is that I weekly inject myself with Enbrel and know how to do it. That's something I could do for, lets say, FREE. So I spent the rest of the day checking out possibilities of getting the script filled and doing it myself. This was confirmed by my physician's assistant. After several hours I found out that there is a Walmart specialty pharmacy that can get me the Prolia for $1,130.80 an injection. Gee, that's $8,700 less, twice a year. Wow. I have been getting this since I turned 60, 6 years. I can't even do the math. It is mind boggling what I have paid out, FOR NOTHING! I'm going shopping.

Just as I was thinking about what I need while shopping with my new found dough I heard G come in the house from the garage bearing gifts.


I can't even remember what I ordered but I put on my dancing shoes and did a little two step
around the studio.  Jealous?  I'm thinking you are.


Susan Turney said...

OMG. How disgusting is this whole drug system? You know the new pharmacy is making a good profit, too! Greed, greed, greed.

Robbie said...

Always that way with hospitals and drugs/injections/etc. An Aspirin will cost you $500 if you are in the hospital vs $500 on aspirin would take a few years to consume all of them!!
Just the way it is...they take into consideration the operating cost/overhead/yada, yada and determine the cost basis. It's a good business....and part of life....cost for me to go to urgent care when in Florida for x-ray and talking to the Dr. was OVER $3500!!

Like I said...we're all in the wrong business! HA