Monday, July 25, 2016

Pie Eyed

I spent the good part of a whole four and a half hour morning yesterday making these two pies.


 The problem started with filling two pie plates that were lined with pastry with the
pie ingredients.  That consisted of the regular suspects of an apple pie as well as a berry mix or raspberries blueberries and blackberries.


There was not enough mix.  The apples were way too small as they are not in season here.  So I took out the filling and put them each in a bowl and ran to the store for six more apples.  I got home to see that the crust was soggy.  So I quickly peeled the apples (one of the things my hands hate to do) and took out the pie crust and dumped it and ran to the store again for Pillsbury rolled pie crust (my go to now that I have realized that NO ONE can tell the difference from the pie crust I made for thirty to forty years).  It was like starting over with two runs to the store included.  It ended up that the half sheet pan that was prepped in the oven wasn't big enough for both pies so I turned on the lower oven and had to wait for the 425º warm up with another covered half sheet pain.

By two in the afternoon they were warm enough to take to Regina for a party she was hosting for our friend Ginny who retired from teaching school last month.  The party was great and Genie's food was fantastic.  I did not take my phone so I took pictures of the main food and will pass it along to you when she sends me the photos.  Yum.  I ate too much and was a little uncomfortable for the rest of the evening.  Shoveling food in the stomach and 66 year old bodies aren't very compatible.

I just heard from my daughter that she and her hubby returned home from Scotland and England, very happy and a wee bit tired after ten days.  I am anxious to see Maggie this weekend when Claudia, Bill and Mile will also be visiting.

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Robbie said...

pies look great....still remember the pie you made us last year! YUM!!