Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The End Of The Celebration

I have so many photos of 'Here Comes The Bride" that I don't know how to separate them.  So I am going to make it very simple.  The dessert for the wedding reception was mini cupcakes, including key lime and strawberry flavors.

The crowd went wild for them.  Then came the winners of events.  I had no difficulty choosing gifts for the winners.

From Chelsea and Charles I chose a Bride To Be counter bracelet

 This sterling silver bracelet can be used for counting anything; miles walked, glasses of water drank,
and of course


strokes taken on each hole golfed ( I just had to yell to G to ask what a swing was called. Pathetic!)  The little beads slide, stiff to begin with but then they move easily.  You can't count more than 10 stokes so this bracelet was perfect for a Golf Goddess.


Susan Turney said...

What fun. Great gift!

Robbie said...