Wednesday, July 06, 2016

The Offspring

I have some more girl shots.  As is my usual lately, I didn't have a camera or a phone (and hence a camera) with me on the 4th, so I had to depend on others for slight whiffs of the festivities.  Here is Violet hanging on to the pin at the practice range of the golf course that we visited after the parade and lunch

This picture was taken of me and G and Violet and Bella at the parade.  My hand looks like a spaz, but what you can't see easily is that I am waving a flag, as was almost everyone.  The parade 'floats' (golf carts) throw candy and then the wee ones scramble to pick it up and deposit it in their bag.

Miss Charlotte, prancing around the golf course, all strut and sass.

I think she is looking for a job as caddy.  The pin she is carrying weighs more than she does!!!

It's a bit hard to make the two lassies out but they are half way down the slip and dip.  Friends had a party for kids (and adults) with all sorts of blow up things in the yard and lots of fun and food.  

Everything seems to be more worthwhile when children are involved.


SpikeMuffin said...

Got that right!

SpikeMuffin said...
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Robbie said...

How adorable!